Sknote Necklace Spring Reverb Vst


Sknote Necklace Spring Reverb Vst

Sknote Necklace

As a guitarist and reverb lover, I decided to write the first Headless Blog‘s post about my favorite spring reverb vst.

Sknote’s Necklace is great because it sounds real to me. Sometimes I cannot play guitar with a full setup and a loud amp to get a great tone (actually, almost never). Sometimes I have to use only my guitar and my notebook when traveling.  Some(many)times real amps and analog reverbs sound great but don’t have the right tweakability for us to make it sit in a mix. Necklace has many features, offers several springs’ combinations, and has a lot of character. It’s also great on acoustic guitars and synths.

Have you ever tried Necklace? Do you have another favorite spring reverb vst? Let us know what you think.


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