Selling HeadlessBuddha Samples

Since you’re on this page it means I offered you our Sample Libraries and/or website and domain name. Thanks for taking the time. The prices are as follow:

  • Old Harpsych – $350
  • Grandpa Toy Piano – $300
  • Tape Music Box – $250
  • Coffee Cups Synth – $100
  • Clapless Buddha – $50
  • Tape DD-10 – $50
  • Coffee Cups Percussion – $50
  • Casiomojo MT-100 – This one is being finished and will be sold for $400.
  • All of the above – $1200(worth $1550)
  • All of the above + domain name( – $1600
  • All of the above + website(this also includes our clients list since you’re taking up the whole business) – $2000These may go for less if you buy more than one. The site and domain alone can’t be sold before I manage to sell all the libraries.

What you get:
All the rights to the sample library you’re purchasing. You can do whatever you want with it; sell it as is, rebrand it, use the samples to compliment another library or vsti. The possibilities are endless.
I, on the other hand, will forget it ever existed. It’s now yours and only yours. It’s not some kind of “resale rights” bullshit internet marketing. You can even claim authorship, I don’t mind.
If you’re also purchasing our website I’ll help you with whatever you need to understand how it works(don’t worry, it could be a dog running this site and you wouldn’t notice the difference[if it was a cat I’m sure it would look better]), but if there are any expenses on changing servers or whatever, it’s on your side(I could do it without spending a dime and can help you with this though). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Why am I selling everything?
I know I’m selling this stuff way too cheap and it seems odd.
In February I started a new business with a long time friend and it’s going really well. So well that I decided to downgrade music from business to hobby and enjoy some more free time(life is short). I’m even selling the gear I only had because I needed in order to stay relevant, keeping only what I love(lots of tape and noisy old stuff; no 1073s, APIs, blablabla), and building a new room on the back of my house so I can still record artists I love in there for a shared bottle of whiskey or a few beers when I feel like. I’m really going out of the music business, even though I’ll never stop recording, learning, being a lousy musician on other people’s records, and loving doing it all.

Thanks for checking out my yard sale,
Mauro Sanches