A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend who lives in the Netherlands and had just added a new harpsichord to his collection. This beautiful instrument was built in the early 40s and is almost a replica of a well known French model manufactured during the 17th century. It has one manual and three stops – two 8’s and lute.

In those three days that I spent in my friend’s home, I sampled four instruments; the Old Harpsych, the Old Organ and two other gems that will be released early next year.

The Old Organ has been at the same spot in that house for decades since it was bought from a closing music school in the 70s.

During the time I’ve been there, every now and then someone would play some lines at it and it actually sounded very nice. It features just five stops and has a nice and unique sound, given its age and worn condition.


Both Old Harpsych and Old Organ were recorded through some nice mics and custom tube preamps directly into worn tape for some warmth and saturation.

I could find use for both instruments in a multitude of genres from psychedelic rock and baroque pop to trip hop and trap.


We are in the final stages of development of our user interface and will release these instruments on Thursday 11/26.Print Main

If you pre-order one of them before Thursday you will receive a 50% discount – from $24 to $12 – and receive it before everyone else.

You can also pre-order the bundle containing both instruments for just $20 – It’s two for less than the price of one.


The pre-order period has come to an end and the instruments have already been released.
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Works with Kontakt 5 or above.