Our Black Friday has already started!

Hey fellows, happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve lowered our prices between 40% and 60% on the whole site until Monday night!

There’s no discount code, no nothing. Just add the Kontakt Instruments you want to your basket and take them home. The discounted prices are already on the buy buttons.Print Main

Also, tomorrow afternoon we’ll release two awesome new instruments – Old Harpsych and Old Organ – and you still can check out some demos and pre-order them for less than half the price here.

We’ve already released our new instruments and you can find them on our instruments menu. They still got some nice discounts until Monday and you can order them bundled for even less only here.

Didn’t you know about the pre-order that was going on since last Sunday? That’s probably because you didn’t subscribe to our Newsletter or our emails are going to your spam box(whitelist us).

Enjoy the Holiday and the insane discounts that some amazing producers and developers are giving.
Also try to spend some time doing good things that will bring people some peace and happiness in these times of war that the world’s going through. You may have no idea how great it would be for some people if you just gave them those clouds you haven’t used in 3 years.


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