New Sample Library Coming Soon

Hey everyone,

Our new sample library Coffee Cups Synth is almost ready to face the world. Check this out:

Coffee Cups Synth almost there


I’m a lazy scripter, a lazy sound designer, and finally a lazy designer, but there’s a few things I’d like to say about this virtual instrument(and I know this isn’t the most exciting picture ever).There will be quite a lot of control over the sounds, it’s a sound design endeavor after all. Well… I don’t know what else can I say. It’s not a simulation nor a vintage unit, it’s a completely new and experimental sample library. It still sounds analog and warm though because I ALWAYS record stuff through nice mixers, sometimes EQs and comps, and to tape before anything goes ITB. Don’t expect to find a few tuned cups that sounds like a glockenspiel. There’s even a flute and an erhu on the patches, and there are also some really cool basses and some stuff that I think sound designers working on horror movies will love. Again, it goes with our exclusive Impulse responses, exclusive character, exclusive bad joke with Buddha, and exclusive love.

I┬áhope it’s out tomorrow but, as I’ve already said, I’m lazy.


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