New Coffee Cups Synth demos + Updates

Sometimes it’s good to check out how a sample library sounds dry, but it’s inspiring to hear what can be achieved with some treatment.
You can check out our new demo track for our new instrument Coffee Cups Synth. It’s called ‘Coffee 30s’.
Coffee 30s features only HeadlessBuddha Samples instruments, except for the drums. Most of the eq and effects used are present in the instruments’ interfaces(even the reverbs and delays), there’s not a lot happening outside of Kontakt other than compression and a little saturation on the mix buss.

  • The thing that sounds like a mix of an organ and a melodica(on the left) is the Coffee Cups Synth’s Organ Bass patch.
  • The bass is Coffee Cups Synth’s Plucked Bass.
  • The track also features Coffee Cups Percussion, Lo-Fi Wurly, Grandpa Toy Piano, and CasioMojo MT-35(on the right) at the end.

It would have costed me just $39.5 USD to get all of these sample libraries today.
We’re in the process of updating all of our sample libraries and, while we don’t release the new versions, we’re giving a 50% discount. The new versions will feature a lot of improvements in the user interface and in the scripting. This means better looks, more stability, bug fixes, and lots of controls over the sounds.

PS: I’ve never done any Hip Hop beats before. I don’t know if it sounds as it should but I definitely like it and will make it longer. Can anyone tell me what style it is and suggest a few producers in that same style?


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