Old Harpsych


I told a little bit about how I had access to this great sounding instrument here.

The Old Harpsych is an amazing Harpsichord sample library for Kontakt 5 recorded through some nice mics and custom tube preamps directly into worn tape for some warmth and saturation.
This one was made in the Netherlands in the 40s and has 3 stops. It’s almost a replica of a well known French model manufactured during the 17th century and sounds great. But don’t take my word for granted and have a listen above.


Old Harpsych features:

-1 .nki Kontakt instrument
-Lots of effects and controls
-246MB  of 44.1kHz/24 bit .ncw (Kontakt Lossless format) samples including lots of release samples
-A set of 18 custom impulse responses
-Very low on CPU and RAM


Works with Kontakt 5 or above.


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