Grandpa Toy Piano

Grandpa Toy Piano

First, let me tell you a story and hopefully explain the instrument’s name. When I was three or four years old my grandfather, an Italian old man, came to me and said

– Son, you’re alwaysmessing around with music and drumming with stuff around the house, I’m gonna give you a piano.

I said – No grandpa, the piano is too big, I want an electric guitar!

Then he said to me – Well, so I’m gonna give you a piano that fits your size and if you like it I’m gonna give you a big one.

Grandpa Toy Piano


Well, I probably messed around with that little toy piano a lot but I just came to realize its value when I was already an adult and found it again on my basement.

It’s not perfectly tuned, it’s a worn and aged little piano, it’s got a lot of character, it makes some noise when we release some keys, and it’s beautiful. Obviously we at HeadlessBuddha Samples sampled it through some worn cassette tape but this time we wanted to capture more subtleties and details than we usually do. I think it’s our best Kontakt instrument to date and we’re very proud to present it to you.

Grandpa Toy Piano features:

7 velocity layers and 2 round robins per note plus release samples

1 Kontakt instrument

44.1kHz/24 bit .wav format

All recordedthrough cassette tape

A set of 18 custom impulse responses

550Mb installed


The .wav files go decompressed so you can use it wherever you want.


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