Casiomojo MT-100

Casiomojo MT-100 is the big brother of the MT-35. It’s a synth manufactured in the 80s featuring 20 lovely patches recorded in our style. Not all patches were recorded through the exact same chain, but all of them went through a custom console designed in the late 50s(tube, of course), nice preamps, and nice tape recorders.

The interface features many effects and controls ranging from pitch shifting to tremolos, phasers to attack and release, chorusey double tracking to digital and impulse based reverbs. You can also combine any number or patches to create a huge and unique sound. This is a vintage unit recorded through vintage gear that can be used as a modern color palette and we make that easy using Kontakt’s numerous resources.

This is just the first demo of Casiomojo MT-100. It features 6 of the 20 sounds present in the original unit(and in the sample library) + some effects added in Kontakt. No further editing was done. More demos coming soon.

Casiomojo MT-100 will be available on the first week of June and can be preordered today for $15(regular price $30).

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