Headless Royalty Free Stock Music pt2

Check out Headless Royalty Free Stock Music pt1 if you didn’t

So, as you can see, there has been some re-branding and we’re now HeadlessBuddha Music in the stock music world. I’ve also got this awesome After effects template and created a simple video with one of the tracks to let the world know about our existence in that realm. Doesn’t it looks cool? We’re also on twitter and soon there will be a new website.

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I’ve been reading and learning a lot on the subject and hopefully I’ll be able to share some real knowledge here. By now, if you’re interested in licensing your music through stock music sites, find ways to get more people to listen to your tracks. An Youtube video is something I think might help a lot. Lets see…

But leaving this stock music thing and talking about sample libraries a little…

We’re on the final stages of scripting on our new favorite Kontakt instrument. It’s been used on THIS TRACK (yeah it’s stock music again, but we couldn’t lose the chance to use our brand new secret weapon):

Guess what it is?

That’s right! Not telling ya yet. I’ll share some real details on our next post.

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