Secret Sale

Hello friends from!

This is a special secret page made just for you.

We’re celebrating our first anniversary this week and would like to share our happiness with you guys!

Here’s a list of links to buy all of our products with a 50% discount. It’s only possible to find these links on this page and they will be available until 10/29. Take advantage of this great chance!

Check out the products’ pages on the left, listen to the demos, see some pics and come back here to buy your favorite ones for half the price!

Coffee Cups Percussion $4 $2

Lo-Fi Wurly Lite $10 $5

Lo-Fi Wurly $20 $10

Tape DD-10 $1.99 $0.99

Tape Music Box $5.49 $2.75

Grandpa Toy Piano $16 $8

Casiomojo MT-35 $6 $3

Taperight Piano Bundle $40 $20


Mauro Sanches – Headless Buddha Samples

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