HeadlessBuddha Samples is the manifestation of Mauro Sanches’ love and fascination for tape recorders, vintage and lo-fi microphones and experimental instruments. All of this comes out as these sample libraries.

“Think of our libraries as a body just waiting fo a head to make it work properly and create something that leads to some sort of benefit.”

In eleven years, Sanches has been accumulating expertise in ‘standard’ studio sessions along with lots of experimentation with his own cheap/old/DIY/experimental gear.

HeadlessBuddha Samples envisions the possibility of extracting lots of good, interesting, and visionary sounds from anything we have in our hands. Our greatest desire is to bring our uniqueness up to you.

We distribute our sample libraries as low priced as we can and most of our profit goes to buying more gear and recording more stuff for you (and us, as we love the sounds we’re getting).

We hope to amuse y’all as much as we are amused when we finish each sample library.



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