About The Full Bundle

Hi everyone.

I decided to bundle all of our products and offer to you for a special price to make it easier and faster for those who like everything we’ve made so far.
We’re also trying to raise funds to release updated versions of all of these instruments. We’ll have the help of a brilliant coder to make our instruments more tweakable, versatile, usable, and whatnot.
HeadlessBuddha Samples is a one-man company and I’m ok with basic Kontakt coding, but it’s time to take it to another level. I know our user interfaces are not great and now I’m aware¬†that most Kontakt users are not very comfortable with tweaking parameters on the Kontakt background as a I’m, and some of you don’t own a lot of EQs, compressors and FX plugins and actually use the ones included in Kontakt.
A few weeks ago we announced the release of an updated version of Lo-Fi Wurly that never really came out. Again, I was doing everything by myself and was going to release it, but I think it should and could be better than what I’ve been able to do so far.

The Full Bundle includes all of our instruments(worth $160) and is going for just $70, but in a week or two the price will go up to $140.
I know it’s cheap as hell but I’m also aware that there’s a lot of pirating going on, I’ve seen our products on warez sites, and that’s ok. I’m just trying to make our products as affordable as I can so everyone who wants it can have it and no one feels guilty for anything.

Like I said before. The updates will be free for owners of the original versions of our products.

Mauro Sanches.


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