25% sale, updates, etc

Hey everyone!

There’s a lot of stuff going on lately, so here we go…

First: This week we’re celebrating our first year in the scene. Also, ve’ve updated our site to headlessbuddhasamples.com last week. To celebrate it all, we decided to give you guys a 25% discount on all of our products until 10/29.

Second: We’re starting to upgrade our previously released libraries to version 2.0. This means way cooler interfaces, improved scripting, and lots of new resources. It will be free for those of you who already bought our libraries, obviously. It also means you’ll probably never see our prices this low again.

To get the discount you have to use the links on this page. Visit the products’ pages on the left, listen to the demos and come back here to get your special discounts.

Sorry, the sales are over. Subscribe to our newsletter to know about it before everyone and receive exclusive discounts and freebies.

Mauro Sanches – Headless Buddha Samples

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